12 February 2010

Devotions to the Virgin Mary

Devotion to the Virgin Mary is very much part of a Redemptorist's spiritual life, especially in Saint Gerard's day.

It would have been expected of him to recite at least five decades of the rosary every day and to fast on the eve of the Virgin's feasts.

Gerard added a few personal devotions to his every day life. He wrote the following in his resolutions:

Before and after every meal I will recite three Hail Marys; when taking a drink of water one Hail Mary; every time the clock strikes one Hail Mary.

In addition to this Gerard would recite a Gloria Patri each time he saw an image of the Virgin or heard her name, Maria in Italian, being said. He also constantly wore a rosary around his neck.

Image: Our Lady of Good Counsel. Saint Gerard would have been very familiar with this picture and is sometimes portrayed with it in the background.

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